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Welcome to Mrs. Carney's Homepage

e-mail:  mcarney@carondelet-mpls.org
phone:  (612) 926.0001 x22


Mrs. Carney's Weekly Schedule

Monday: Gym (Wear gym shoes) and Spanish
Tuesday: Spanish and Music
Wednesday: Gym (Wear gym shoes) Library (Bring books back to school.)
Thursday: Music
Friday: Gym (Wear gym shoes.) 


 Week of June 4, 2018

Goodbye to Kindergarten!
We Explored!! Keep exploring!

Kindergarten Celebration was such fun.  Thank you for all coming to celebrate your Kindergarteners accomplishments.  

It is always hard to believe that nine months have quickly passed and we are talking about the end of another year of kindergarten.  We have learned about reading and math and science and printing and creating art.  We explored a lot of different ideas.  One of the more important ideas to me would be how to be friends and how to be at school.  We all continue to learn about these ideas.  We keep working at learning how to follow directions, listening to the adults around us and to our friends.  We are learning that we cannot always have what we want, and to be calm. We are all growing up.  I am proud of the children, they have worked hard.  Mrs. Kerr, really noticed this at Mass last week.  And mentioned more than once, that the kindergarteners were so calm and quiet waiting for Mass and participating in Mass.  Bravo Kindergarteners.  And yet...we still need to keep thinking about these ideas.  This group is a verbal, excited group of explorers!  Keep learning with them.  I look forward to their visits next year.  I look forward to watching them continue their excitement about learning about the world.
Have such a great, fun and safe summer.  

Remember their homework:  Every day, play outside and read. 


Highlights for this week: Field Day, Summer Birthday Piñata, Finishing our Rainforest Mural, Painting our Wood Sculptures, Finishing our Tree Books

Field Day:  was really fun.  We couldn't have asked for better weather. The kids all had smiles, and enjoyed spending the time with each other outside.  Thanks to Mrs. Nilsen for always planning this great event for us.  And...of course thanks to all the volunteers that helped with running all the stations for the children.  I heard that favorite stations were "Kick the Shoe off" and "Pulling the Tarp".  

Religion: We read our Hopes and Dreams that we made at the beginning of the year.  We realized that maybe we didn't know what to expect, and giggled about this.  A lot of our Hopes and dreams came true, but not all of them.  A good lesson we all learn about life.  We finished our discussion with big smiles.  These Hopes and Dreams pictures are in your Child's BGE with all of the other important information. 

We enjoyed having our Piñata party.  We had made the piñata out of feathers that the children had made earlier in the week from paper.  It looked like a unique Rainforest parrot!  We hung it outside at our Kindergarten tree on the front lawn.  Kids with summer birthdays got to hit the piñata first!  The children certainly enjoyed all the Piñata toys/candy that you sent.  Thank you so much! 

Communication: This last week we read, Look at Us, and Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for the Last Day of Kindergarten.  We reviewed the High Frequency words: off and take. We really reflected on how we looked when kindergarten begun, and how we feel now.  Children acknowledged being scared, but had smiles now.  We talked about not being together, but you can always come back and visit. 

High Frequency words:  I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, with , my, now, are, is, how, this, find, will, be, go, for, make, play, said, good, she,  all, no, he, do, down, have, help, look, out, take and off.

Other Literature we read: What Can Float and Not Float, Crinkleroot's Birds.

We enjoyed the Book Swap.  Kids were so excited and happy to be able to choose a book for their younger siblings and wanted to bring one home for older siblings.  We are actually keeping the rest of the books to start a Guided Reading Book Library, that children can use daily next year. Look for this exciting additional reading activity in First Grade. 

Math :
this week we continued counting big numbers, like to 168, how many days of school! We talked a bit about comparing lengths, and height, and introduced area ideas. 

Science:  This week Mystery Doug was about "Can You Make Lava?"
Kids just love Mystery Doug.  There will be one next week, I will try to forward this to you. 

Kids so enjoyed making their Wood Sculpture, then painting it.  They painted for about 45 minutes.  Then went to Music.  Mrs. Lee said the children were so calm!  Use painting at home as a calming activity!

We did make a Rainforest Mural outside our classroom.  Children enjoyed doing this.  Pick up some books at the library about the Rainforest.  Make a mural at home during the summer!  Keep exploring!

I was hoping to fill in time during our last weeks about birds.  And then, we just didn't need to fill in any time!  Every moment was planned.  But, I did still ask the kids to make the cover to their Bird book, and gathered the bird pictures and still sent it home, it is in their BGE.  Crikleroot's Bird Book was actually a book about 25 birds that children should know about.  When your child is looking for an activity this summer, maybe they would like to color one of the birds.  You can look the bird up on line, so they know the real nature colors of the bird.  We often do this in class.  For example I just google:  Pictures of the Common Loon. 

Choice was full of:  the same fun as usual!

Shoe Tying: Many of the children mastered how to tie shoes.  Some of them are still working on this.  I have been able to take most of them through all the steps.  I would encourage you to keep helping them to practice.  This is an important independent living skill.  

For your Calendar:  The 2018 Remaining Kindergarten Events

6-7-18 Last Day of School and Kindergarten Celebration 9:30-11:00 Summer Begins after reception. 

June 7:  Last Day of School!   9:30-11:00 Celebration in the Morning


Mary Kay Carney

Here are some links to learning websites your child may like:

Fun Brain.Com
I especially like their Math options.  This math-baseball game is really fun.  They have some fun new options on this site that your child might enjoy also.  I haven't explored them all, but I do like this website.

Psalm 133:1

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Please contact me  with any questions by phone or Email or in person!

Phone number:  (612) 926.0001 x22
Email:  mcarney@carondelet-mpls.org
Classroom:  Room 201

Kindergarten has begun!  2017/2018

We will spend our time getting to know each other, and we will work hard at learning how to be at school.  We are sure the children will be tired when they return home after the first day of class.

Here are some super important notes for kindergarten parents:

Dismissal Procedures:  A big part of every day is going home.  We have your transportation plans on file and in the classroom.  It is so important to us and to your child that they know where they are going after school. Often there are changes, such as doctor appointments, piano lessons or play plans with friends.  If you have a change in plans, other than what you indicated on forms, we MUST have an Email before 3:00 on their backpack.  If you pick them up, just write “Parent Pick up”  

  • If your child does not use bus transportation, procedure information will be sent home at "Meet the Teacher" night.
  • If your child is riding the bus, we will make sure they are in the correct bus line.  Please try to be at the bus stop five minutes early, but also expect that the bus could be late the first couple of days of school. 
  • If your child goes to Club Saint, we will make sure they arrive at the Club Saint room.  
  • If your child will be riding home with another student, an email should be sent  to your child's teacher the day of the playdate. Last minute changes should be phoned into Lenore, since teachers may not check email during class time.  The end of the day is busy,  so the sooner you can contact the school, the better 
  • Dismissal is at 3:45.

    Every child should have a Bus Tag. If you don’t have a Bus Tag, please put the following information on an index card and attach to your child’s backpack:

    • School Name 
    • Room Number/Teacher’s name 
    • Child’s Name 
    • Address 
    • Phone number 
    • Day Care Phone and Address (If appropriate) 
    • Bus Number In to school  with streets 
    • Bus Number out from school with streets

    Post the monthly kindergarten calendars your child brings home. 

    If your child has “kindergarten tummy” (is missing you, which is normal, and often it happens more the 2nd and 3rd week of school) help your child by putting a photo of you in their backpack or pocket.  They can take a peek whenever they want to. 

    Sometimes children have food allergies in the kindergarten class, as is becoming the norm in schools.  If a class has a student with allergies, that class will follow allergy awareness procedures and will not bring any food or drink besides water into the classroom. An exception is on days we cannot eat in the cafeteria, safe procedures will be in place on these days as well.

    Kindergarteners have an afternoon snack:  milk (school provides) and fresh fruit or vegetable (parents provide).  You may want to chat with your child  about saving that afternoon snack food in their lunchbox. We will supply snack the first week of school. 

    Birthday Celebrations:  Out of concern for students’ overall wellness, Carondelet has decided to eliminate birthday treats from the school day. Instead, students will be given an out-of-uniform day on their birthday and will also be invited to lunch with the Principal during their birthday month. Teachers will also have their own classroom traditions.  We celebrate summer birthdays during the last week of school with a classroom piñata. We love Birthdays!!

    Communication/Newsletters:  Parents  must read the important details from the Classroom newsletters that are posted online each Friday (end-of-day, around 5:30). The All-school on-line newsletter is emailed to parents each Friday. also

    Carondelet Day of Service and Family Fun Night is on Friday, October 6th.  Read the School newsletter for more details. 

    It's going to be a GREAT year!!!

    Mary Kay Carney
    Kindergarten Tips/Reminders:

    Here are some tips about Kindergarten that will help you know some important details about how our classrooms work.  Of course,  make sure you read the Carondelet Catholic School Handbook.  Save this information for future reference. 

    Big Green Envelopes (BGE's):  On Wednesday, children will bring home a Big Green Envelope.  Send them back the next school day to use again.   It has important information that cannot be communicated through our Websites.  Please review the contents, keep the information and if appropriate send communication back to school i.e. Field Trip permission slips, volunteer confirmations etc.  Sometimes, we will send the BGE home more than once a week, if we have vital information to share, always send it back the next school day. 

    Books in a Bag:  During the year, we will be sending home, classroom books, beginning readers and Book projects or Math games.  If your child brings one home, help them read the book or play the game, check off their name on the enclosed Roster and send it back the next day.

    Dismissal Information:  You already know…if your regular plans change, send the information via Email in the morning or by 3:00. Written notes don't always get into our hands.

    New Friday News: The Kindergarten Newsletters will be available on-line on Fridays after 5:30.  Please read it.  It gives details about our classrooms, volunteer opportunities and gives you highlights of our week.  Look for a monthly calendar too in the BGE.

    Gym:  Our class has P.E. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Children should wear gym shoes on gym days.  It is best if they wear P.E. shoes all day.  

    Homework:  We believe that every day, a kindergarten child’s “homework” should be playing outside and reading a book or books with parents.  Readers grow by being read to and children need to run and exercise and play outside in nature and plan their own time.  We will give “fun” homework occasionally, like finding something made of wood to bring in to share, bringing in a  favorite folktale, or measuring a favorite anima, as well as Math and communication homework.  

    Some children excel in Math.  If they want and are self-motivate to do extra work, we will send home "Challenge Math". Additionally, if children excel in reading we will send home Book projects or extra literacy work. 

    But, generally, kindergarten kids work very hard listening and following directions all day and we believe they need unstructured time and family time. 

    Library:  We have library on Wednesday.  Please help your child remember to return their books every Wednesday.

    Spanish: Our class has Spanish on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Music: Our class has Music on Tuesday and Thursday.  

    Money:  You will be billed for most expenses for school, like Field Trips, lunches etc.  If you do need to send money to school, attach it to the appropriate form.  It is best to send money in a sealed envelope and please include:  your child’s first and last name, the date and the amount of money.

    Names on clothing and school items:  It helps if you put your family name on all clothing items; even boots and snow pants.

    Snacks:  Every afternoon we will have a “fruit/vegetable break” with a free milk.  Please send one portion of a fresh fruit or vegetable for your student.  Example:  banana, apple, peach slices, carrots, celery.  (No dips please!)  

    We additionally will have special snacks to celebrate Holidays and special events.  We will get the word out, and families can volunteer to send a treat if it is convenient.  We will alert you about when the snack is needed and give a suggestion of what to send.  We will take into consideration any food allergies so that everyone can enjoy.  

    Volunteers and Field Trip Chaperones:  All adults need a background check , Virtus training and sign a Code of Conduct form as mandated by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to participate in activities.  All families received the necessary forms. There are more in the office.  Sometimes grandparents want to participate as a volunteer, they would need the Background check etc, too. But, if they are dropping in for a story etc. no need for the background checks.   Watch for Virtus training dates for our school on the Web site or go to www.Virtus.org

    Questions?:     Send an Email.
                            Call our voicemail:     Mary Lee Martin      612-926-0001  Extension 20
                                                            Mary Kay Carney     612-926-0001  Extension 22
    We invite you to contact us by email for quick notes.  But, if you have a pressing issue, please let’s talk on the phone or conference together so we can have an open exchange.  We will be checking email several times between 9:00am and 
    4:30 pm.

    It’s going to be a GREAT year!

    Kindergarten Behavior Plan:

    To read the Kindergarten Behavior Plan 
    click here.

    Fun Online Educational Games:

    Fun Brain

    10-frame Game


    100 Chart Fun

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